About me

Hi! I’m Arkasian, I am a young programmer from Poland. I have experience in C#, php and Java, however I am keen on writing in Python, C or Kotlin too. I’m a web developer, more back-end than front-end, however I can build desktop and mobile apps too. My goal is to be a cloud system engineer working with Cloud Native development. I am a freelance Developer, an ITC technician and a Mid Web Developer at Sidnet Sp.z.o.o at the moment. I am a typical “nerd”. I am a devops too, I worked on such position, what’s more I have my own homelab server where I use such technologies as: Portainer, Docker and Docker Compose, Kibana, Filebeat and Elasticsearch, .NET Core. And some classics such as: Samba, SSH or WWW server.
Next to IT I like learning to history, listen to music and learn about how to analyze it in digital manner (thus I mean Digital Signal Processing). I like long walks, riding a bike and skiing.