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Welcome to my blog!

There is no real reason for me to have a blog. I am not a person who looks for attention. I don’t want to be seen on first pages of Google’s search results. The only thing I want is to write down some thoughts of mine or something related to Pika Cloud. Also I want to write down what I know about what I love thus I mean IT. In plain words, the content of this site consists of technical stuff such as:

  • tutorials,
  • my own stories related to my experience with IT,
  • some technical notes about mentioned web system.

You will probably ask, what Pika Cloud is? Let me explain, Pika Cloud is a simple cloud system I started to build about 2018 and I still improve it. For now, it consists of three Pika web systems:

  • Core – a core of Pika Cloud,
  • Status – a status page for all web subsystems,
  • Note – a small SPA note application.

What’s more, there are two more web systems planned: Pika Note, which will be deployed to my server in the following two months.

I deployed PikaNote to my server as well as its backend to Azure Cloud. More about it here.

Pika Player which I plann as a bigger system, so probably I will phase its development.
To sum up, technical notes about Pika Cloud, which I mentioned above, are short posts about any of mentioned systems, either those already deployed or not. Information gathered in those posts will relate to a goal of the system or each of its subsystems, information about new relase, downtime explanations etc.

Thanks for visiting my site, remember to visit my portfolio and LinkedIn profile too! You can also continue to first of Pika Cloud serie posts here.