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PikaCloud – a quick summary

The only goal of this page is to gather some information about PikaCloud and all of its apps.

Pika Cloud consists of the following subsystems:

  • PikaCore – a core of whole PikaCloud, some more information about it, here;
  • PikaNote – a note app of PikaCloud, some more information about it, here;
  • PikaStatus – a status app for PikaCloud;
  • PikaPlayer – a media player app for PikaCloud, for now it is in early design phase.

There is a developer/staging instance available of PikaCore, however it is not accessible for anyone anonymously. If you are willing to access dev instance to take a look on what’s about to change in the next release of PikaCore, contact me.

PikaCloud source code

PikaCloud source code repositories are as follows:

More information about technical aspects of PikaCloud will be available in new posts published on this blog.
If you feel like you have a question about anything considering PikaCloud, just let me know.

Stay tuned and thanks for visiting!