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PikaCloud News – PikaCore new release & redesign

Latest post was about newest PikaCore release. I have redesigned PikaBrowser UI and fixed some other minor bugs. However, I have already defined plans for what I mentioned in this post – I have chosen the way I want to implement Federation pattern.

What is the Federation pattern?

The Federation pattern is (mostly) Cloud architecture design. Its purpose is to allow easy authorization and authentication inside whole web system.

What’s more, it is not only to allow easier redistribution of access system-wide. It also allows architects to design APIs the best possible way.

Thus, I mean that the design’s character allows to easy integrate one with each other in sense of data structures, data sources and protocols used.

How do I want to implement such integration?

I based my implementation of Federation pattern on Redis DB. Each app which needs to be integrated, so it will be aware of user’s identity and other user related data structures, will retrieve data from Redis instance. I decided to leave it a standalone, single-node deployment of Redis software. Data is, of course, encrypted before storing. What is more, data meant for PikaCloud are isolated in a separate channel.

Having that done, I have reconfigured Apache to be a Load Balancer. After that, I added second instance of PikaCore, so from now on there are two instances available. There was not a real need for it, but I wanted to do it for my own. And it works! It seems that I have fixed PikaCore’s design so it can be multi-instantiated.

In a few days I want to set up mock Pika Player instance and try integrating it in case of user’s identity – thus, I mean: “once you log in, you don’t have to log in again”. That will be pretty cool.

Okay, this is all for now… Oh, well, I have nearly forgot: PikaCore is now of version: 2.7.0.

So, see you folks next time!

Thanks for reading.

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