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PikaCloud News – PikaCore v.2.5.1 Released!

I am happy to announce that I have redesigned front-end of PikaCore Browser. Thus, it is quite a major change so I decided to version this release as v.2.5.1.

Application is accessible under following url. Its code is accessible on my GitHub repository, master branch.

PikaCore Change Log

Changes of which following release consists:

  • Redesign of whole file browser UI; earlier this year I redesigned it on the backend side, so now it was time to redesign its UI;
  • I added PikaNote to Apps menu;
  • Minor performance improvement for PikaCore Browser(according to Google PageSpeed Insights tool);
  • Few design improvements;
Old layout - detailed list
Old PikaCore browser layout
New layout - mosaic view
New PikaCore browser layout

In the future I want to improve performance even more and add some more functionalities for registered users(mostly for those with elevated privileges).

I want to allow user to choose between layouts of detailed list – the old one – and mosaic layout – the new one. And of course, there is a tone of major functionalities which I want to add to core of PikaCloud, however I will describe those in bigger post about PikaCloud.

That would be all for one.

Greetings folks!

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