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PikaCloud News – PikaNote v.0.2.0 ALPHA released!

I know I had a delay in posting here, so I will do my best to post more in the following two weeks. But it is not the thing. The thing is PikaNote is v.0.2.0 now. Even that it is still in ALPHA, it has more features than in last post.

However, I redesigned app logic for this app. Let’s compare features I posted last time with those I have in mind for now.

What I redesigned in PikaNote?

Most important change between versions of design is that I decided to do not add authorization. Having said that, I also want to just add panel for permalink management in PikaCore, not in PikaNote. PikaNote will stay as just plain, easy front-end for API deployed on Azure which will be managed from PikaCore.

However, I decided to add more transitions and animations to PikaNote, for example animation of fading in when loading notes or fading out of loading spinner.

What’s more and the last of major things I thought of is to make PikaCore to add a note to PikaNote via API when generating a permalink.

I think this is all for now. I am going to add another post lately today or tommorow at the latest.


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