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PikaCloud News – PikaNote v.0.1.0 ALPHA released!

In this, not very long post, I am happy to announce that I release first ALPHA PikaNote build of version 0.1.0 to my server and it is accessible under following URL and repository with source code is accessible under following URL.

Deployment details

I deployed PikaNote to my own server using Docker and Portainer to manage it. Moreover, there was a post about its API earlier. As for other apps, Apache WWW server proxies connections to that app too.

PikaNote functionalities

There are few functionalities that PikaNote which I implemented in that release:

  • add note using Markdown,
  • update note using Markdown,
  • view all notes,
  • user can order notes in Ascending and Descending order,
  • user can limit notes’ count to one of three values hardcoded into choice box.

What I want to add?

Functionalities which I want to add:

  • authentication,
  • note preview,
  • fix ordering filter,
  • add paging,
  • some sort of versioning for either API and PikaNote SPA,
  • error handling,
  • direct links to edit/preview notes.

For instance, these are most important features. However, I am sure there are more features I will find out being worth added.

As I promised at the beginning, this post isn’t long. This is all I wanted to share in here.

See you folks next time.


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