PikaNote – how I started with Azure

At first, I had an idea to create PikaNote as a Vue.js CSR web application as a client for back-end on Firebase. It would use Firebase Realtime Database and its API to receive data. Authentication was planned to be in PikaCore, but this hasn’t changed. However, I decided to totally change design. I moved whole back-end logic to Azure. I have created my own simple REST API in .NET Core and used Azure App Services to set it up. I also configured Azure DevOps to set up Azure Pipelines for CI&CD with GitHub. Seems interesting, aye? So let’s go, take a closer look on it!

How PikaNote has been set up on Azure?

It started the same day, I am posting this. I just woke up, had myself a coffee and then I started to develop PikaNote. Then I thought that I could do something upfront IT, thus I mean to buy some sort of services related to IT itself. At first, I looked at Firebase paid plans, but after some time I decided to invest in Azure, as of the fact I wanted to learn it for a long time. And it’s all. I just signed in to Azure Cloud and upgraded my account to billable account ( for now I use 30 day trial).

Some architecture stuff

So now it is a good time to say something about services I used on back-end. Infrastructure consists of Azure App Service and Azure Database for PostgreSQL.

App Service is used for PikaNoteAPI – an app I have built on my own using .NET Core 3.1 SDK. I configured basic security on App Service container and used Docker for direct deployment of my REST API inside Azure Cloud. Application configuration is passed to App Service through Azure DevOps. PostgreSQL is of version 11.

In case of front-end application I plan to use Axios for dynamic HTTP Requests in Vue.js. I want to use CKEditor library for note editor implementation.

Future plans for PikaNote

For now, there is no authentication, all notes are publicly managable. I want to leave adding note as a public functionality, but the rest of them: edit, delete to hide behind authorization. What’s more I want it to be done through PikaCore so PikaCore, PikaPlayer and PikaNote will be federated. I want to make authentication as a SSO – Single Sign-On. PikaCore login view will be SSO point.

Okay, that’s all for now. Stay tuned for next posts about PikaCloud and PikaNote as well!

Greetings folks!

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