My hardware #1 – Young Dev and his servers

It is not common for young developers to have more than just a one machine or two which they use for programming. However, I myself felt a need to have a hardware such as server. Not a real one, but some PC, which won’t be too much expensive to keep it running 24/7, but still will be powerful enough for my needs. This is how I managed to have an Optiplex 790 as my main application server. What’s more I even have a real, old HPE server. It’s main purpose is for tests and I am going to have a backup there. Like, backup of backup…

How did it start and what’s the hardware?

My idea of having a homelab server was kind of impression. I had it after 1st semester of related subject in my ITC College. Then I just decided to have a server. At first, it was because I was given a laptop from my private English tutor. But after sometime I thought it would be a great idea to have something dedicated. This is how I started searching for a machine good to be a homelab, powerful enough and still not too much expensive. Finally, I found Dell Optiplex 790 to be a good choice. It’s original configuration was: Celeron G530, 8GB RAM PC3-8500, 160GB HDD 7200RPM 3.5″. And that’s it. I have upgraded this machine through this whole time. It is about 2 years now so configuration has changed: i5-2500S, RAM is all same, but will be expanded, 1xSATA SSD 512GB, 1xHDD 500GB 2.5″, additional ethernet network card with 2 eth ports 10/100/1000. Old HDD is used as a base HDD for this HPE server I mentioned. To sum up, it is not a real server machine, but it does the job for me.

The purpose of real HPE server

I do not really use this server daily for now. I am planning to as a backup server. This machine is just a lab server for me. I use this for virtualization tests, backup (in the future) and eventually some networking tests. Its original name is HPE ProLiant ML310 G5. Its specs are following: Xeon 3220, 8GB RAM DDR2 667MHz, 160GB HDD (not for long). For more details about this hardware, please read this document.

The purpose of Optiplex machine

From the very beginning, Optiplex was meant to be my main application server. Thus, it serves all WWW services I have. Whole Pika Cloud, my portfolio and this blog are hosted on this hardware. However, I have more infrastructure services there such as: database servers on Docker or directly set up, EFK stack, SMD server, SSH server, OpenVPN server and some more other services. As I said, it is enough powerful for all of those, but only when there is no pressure so a traffic is not high. For instance, who would generate such amount of traffic to make my server die and for what purpose?

Let’s finish this post with two photos of both machines.

Okay folks, this will be all for now.


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